our bucket list our bucket list

This is a bucket list my long distance boyfriend and i have made together.
:) ❤

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001. Meet at the airport

002. Explore somewhere beautiful

003. See the Eiffel Tower

004. Build matching build-a-bears

005. Get a kitten

006. Be best friends forever

007. Make out in public

008. Sit on the beach

009. Dress up as a Disney Prince & Princess

010. Take silly pictures

011. Be on a Skype call for 24 hours

012. Cute “good morning” texts

013. Visit his home

014. Be so in love the world dissolves around us

015. Fall asleep together

016. Slow dance

017. Do something really weird

018. Get matching t-shirts

019. See something at the Sydney Opera House

020. Wear his socks

021. Snuggle like hamsters

022. See Coheed & Cambria in concert

023. Make out in a forest

024. Go to Disney World

025. Get matching tattoos

026. Cause chaos at the airport

027. Lay in eachother’s arms

028. make an LDR playlist

029. Go on our first date

030. Lay on a dock

031. Ride bikes

032. Bathe together

033. Buy him shoes

034. See the Northern Lights

035. Go bowling

036. Brush our teeth together

037. Makeout covered in paint

038. Blow bubbles

039. See the Southern Lights

040. Never let our differences define our relationship

041. Share a milkshake

042. Go to a drive-in

043. Just be together

044. Always have fun

045. Get popcorn at the movies

046. Play footsie

047. Play cards

048. Make love

049. Have a superhero wedding

050. Bake amazingly cool cupcakes

051. Get a hamster

052. Walk down a beautiful road

053. Lay in bed

054. See emperor penguins

055. Have a nice and neat closet

056. See The Hobbit in theatres

057. Never say goodbye

058. Buy him flowers

059. Learn to tango

060. Shower together

061. Get engaged

062. Fly in a hot air balloon

063. Sit in a hammock

064. Have an amazing love story

065. Not have an ocean between us

066. Move in together

067. Be lazy in bed all day

068. Hold his hand while driving

069. Take cute wedding photos

070. Have him meet my parents

071. Watch adventure time

072. Wear his hoodie

073. Be cute

074. Play xbox games

075. Stargaze

076. Cook together

077. Have our first kiss

078. Pinky promises

079. Be carried away by him

080. Do a crossword puzzle

081. Play scrabble

082. Go on a romantic walk

083. Kiss underwater

084. Have a place of our own

085. Be happy

086. Play chess

087. Go roller skating

088. Take a train going anywhere

089. Make him breakfast in bed

090. Be carried bridal style

091. Have matching converse

092. Go swimming

093. Go to the circus

094. Hold each other close

095. Go on a lunch date

096. Ride a ferriswheel

097. Read a book together in bed

098. Get a chubby bird

099. Sit in the back of a pick-up truck

100. Kiss

101. Make love outside

102. Be naked

103. Wash each other’s hair

104. Have a Star Wars sleepover

105. Fall asleep together

106. Make love underwater

107. Listen to his heartbeat

108. Go to the zoo

109. Upside down kisses

110. Buy a car

111. Sit under a blanket at a lake

112. Own baby otters

113. Travel together

114. Snuggle under the covers

115. Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

116. Ride a tandem bicycle

117. Share a bed

118. Get pregnant

119. Devour mini cupcakes

120. Just be near each other

121. Fall asleep on the couch

123. Have his babies

124. Go to a carnival

12. Make love for the first time

125. Make him a sandwich

126. Be in the same time zone

127. Get matching sweaters

128. Watch Doctor Who

129. Piggy-back rides

130. Be Passionate

131. Foreplay

132. Have three beautiful children

133. Own a beautiful house

134. Get matching Iphones

135. Play Pokemon Monopoly

136. Sit on the beach at night

137. Wake up in his arms

138. Go to the movies

139. Get matching soulmate shirts

140. “I love you”

141. Be stronger than the distance

142. Climb a mountain

143. Feel your hands on my bum

144. Have our first child

145. Go to the same school

146. Learn to play guitar together

147. Play Guitar Hero

148. Take cute photos

149. Hug for the first time

150. Have a pillow fight

151. Make out

152. Eat strawberries

153. Go to a rock concert

154. Lay your head in my lap

155. Play basketball

156. Hold hands while making love

157. Get the pair app

158. Have tattoos instead of wedding rings

159. Never let him go

160. Grow old together

161. Be intimate

162. Protect you

163. Cuddle like burritos

164. Go to the bodies exhibit

165. Play rock band

166. Marry him

167. Have a paint fight

168. Have a lemonade stand

169. Be alone together

170. Build a fort

171. Fall asleep naked after sex

172. Go for a drive

173. Kiss you whenever i want

174. Kiss passionately

175. Tell you all my secrets

176. Watch The Notebook

177. Play around in our bed

178. Go jogging

179. Feed the ducks

180. Do absolutely nothing together

181. Spider-man kisses

182. Sleep in the car

183. Watch A Cinderella Story

184. Go surfing

185. Press your naked body against mine

186. Make love in a moon bounce

187. Shower you with kisses

188. Kiss on the beach

189. Talk for hours

190. Tie-dye shirts

191. Always smile in our kisses

192. Cuddle all day

193. Clean the house together

194. Never have to use skype again

195. Play videogames

196. Make out all day

197. Buy him roses

198. Masturbate each other

199. Kiss at sunset

200. hold hands while snuggling

201. Be playful

202. Have a minecraft wedding

203. Kiss in the rain

204. Stay up all night

205. Pull pranks on each other

206. Call you baby all the time

207. Share a bed for the first time

206. Go fishing

206. Watch the clouds

207. Lay in bed shirtless

208. Kiss under the stars

209. Feel you kiss my scars

210. Car Sex

211. Make breakfast in our undies

212. Cuddle under fireworks

213. Have a barbecue

214. Eat watermelon

215. Spend my birthday together

216. Have nothing between us

217. Birthday sex

218. Never argue

219. Play Super Nintendo

220. Hug him from behind

221. Make you a cup of tea

222. Make love in the dark

223. Lip biting

224. Say “I love you” for the first time

225. Bake cupcakes

226. Help him through the rough times

227. Go to a book store

228. Kiss your nose

229. Have a lazy day together

230. Have matching Disney sweaters

231. Public displays of affection

232. Fuck

233. Be his escape

234. Make out in a library

235. Play guitar for you

236. Have breakfast in bed

237. Kiss on hay bale

238. Have a bath together

239. Stay up late

240. Kiss in my bed

241. Go skinny dipping

242. Play carnival games

243. Turn a house into our home

244. Kiss in the car

245. The moment just before the kiss

246. Breathe each other’s air

247. Hold you close

248. Hold hands while taking a walk

249. Make love while holding one another

250. Be your last first kiss

251. Cook dinner together

252. Look at a cityscape

253. Have a romantic night out

254. Get ice cream

255. Pleasure him

256. Sleepy kisses

257. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower

258. Go to a park

259. Take our baby to the beach

260. Be in top

261. Talk in bed for hours

262. Eat cotton candy

263. Pillow talk

264. Undress in front of you

265. Feel your breath on my skin

266. Kiss at a campfire

267. Always brighten up his day

268. Get married

269. Make love on the floor

270. Have a lovely patio garden

271. Make out right before making love

272. Kiss on a trampoline

273. Sleep outside on a mattress

274. French Kiss

275. Pull you in for a kiss

276. Make love by candlelight

277. Make heart shaped pancakes

278. Share a bubble bath

279. Make candly apples

280. Go to Warped Tour

281. Go to an aquarium

282. Take cute pictures in a photo booth

283. Eat Avocados

284. Wishing we could kiss over skype

285. Cuddle on a bench

286. Play in a bouncy castle

287. Prepare the nursery

288. Lazy sundays

289. Kiss in a phone booth

290. “I love you so so so much”

291. Roast marshmallows

292. Make out against a car

293. Have an ocean themed wedding

294. Take a boat ride

295. Kiss on the boardwalk

296. Have sex

297. Go on a cruise

298. Be intertwined

299. Have matching bath towels

300. Morning kisses

302. Stay in bed all day

303. Take a romantic walk on the beach

304. Make love on the kitchen counter

305. Eat lunchables together

306. Spend our first night together

307. Build a blanket fort

308. Kiss at a lake

309. Go to a 24 hour diner

310. Travel the world together

311. Share a dip kiss on the beach

312. Play together on a playground

313. Have a coffee date

314. Eat snow cones

315. Make out topless

316. Go row boating

317. Get a puppy

318. Eskimo kisses

319. Swing together

320. Wrestle together

321. Have a romantic evening at home

322. Kiss your cheek

323. Watch our babies play in leaf piles

324. Visit London

325. Be given flowers by you

326. Snuggle at a campfire

327. Be naked all day

328. Start a family together

329. Dress our kids up in matching outfits

330. Explore

331. Watch the sunrise

332. Go out for yogurt

333. Have a son and daughter

334. Make tea together

335. Be happy even when we’re old

336. Watch movies

337. Write you a letter everyday for a year

338. Get a tire swing for the kids

339. Say goodnight, never goodbye

340. Spend our mornings in bed

341. Have a lovely wedding cake

342. Have my parents accept him

343. Marry my best friend

344. Swim in the ocean

345. Have our own library

346. Be the love of your life

347. Give each other roses

347. Tiptoe kisses

348. Have a pool in our backyard

349. Matching superhero shirts

350. Play with sex dice

351. Kiss on a bench

352. Have a happy family

353. Make heart shaped brownies

354. Have our first dance as a married couple

355. Make love in a hammock

356. Run through a field

357. Ride the tea cups

358. Have matching bracelets

359. Have splash fights

360. Ride him

361. Go wildflower picking

362. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel

363. Watch Power Rangers

364. Be your forever

365. Facetime

366. Make a trail of roses to our bed

367. Mr & Mrs mugs

368. Dress up as Aladdin and Jasmine

369. Comfort you after a long day

370. Kiss in a snow storm

371. Look into each other’s eyes

372.Make love on the beach

373. Be in our undies

374. Pick you flowers

375. Write a letter for the other to read before our wedding

376. Get a puppy while with child

377. Have a kinky evening together

378. Be playful in public

379. Paint a room together

380. Go to the beach with our friends

381. Play on a tire swing

382. Have sex in every room of the house

383. Sit in the middle of the road

384. Make out by candlelight

385. Cut the first piece of our wedding cake

386. Make love standing up

387. Play in a ball pit

388. Sit on a swinging bench

389. Kiss hello

390. Take wedding photos in a bouncy castle

391. Adventure in a teardrop trailer

392. Go camping

393. Wash a car together

394. Watch the sunset

395. Get starbucks together

396. Spend our summers together

397. Give him a handjob

398. Go for a walk in the snow

399. Mr & Mrs pillows

400. Make you moan

401. Go pumpkin picking

402. Make love in a hotel bed

403. Skateboard holding hands

404. Dance in the rain

405. Feel your kisses on my back

406. Lay under the autumn trees

407. Be playful during sex

408. Have a staring contest

409. Dip our feet in the water

410. Climb trees together

411. Kiss at a railroad track

412. Hold you tight

413. Be able to apologize in person

414. Hang out together

415. Take a nature walk

416. Fall asleep in an intimate position

417. Pray together before our wedding

418. Have a romantic kiss

419. Spend a day at the beach together

420. Kiss you all the time

421. Have sleepy sex

422. Be able to show you how much i love you

423. Feel your arms around me

424. Take underwater photos in the ocean

425. Be kissed on the nose

426. Take sexy photos together

427. Lay in the grass together

428. Spend the day outside together

429. Wrap my arms around you while kissing

430. Kiss you all over

431. Have a water balloon fight

432. Hang out in my car together

433. Kick your butt at bumper cars

434. Dance at our wedding

435. Be zero miles apart

436. Ride a carousel together

437. Be your bride

438. Kiss at Lovers Lane

439. Hold Hands

440. Shower Sex

441. Send you a message in a bottle

442. Make love after we wake up in the morning

443. Send you hand written love letters

444. Spend our anniversaries together

445. Watch Bicentennial Man

446. Make love in the bath

447. Spend a weekend in bed together

448. Always be together

449. Be good enough for you

450. Go ‘heeptripping together

451. Spend the day at a water park

452. Stay the night in a cabin

453. Go somewhere new together

454. See the morning light from our bedroom

455. Keep all my promises to you

456. Go rollerblading

457. Fall asleep on the beach together

458. Be your shoulder to cry on

459. Stay in and play video games

460. Go bungee jumping together

461. Get lost with you

462. Wish on a shooting star together

463. Nap together

464. Go on a road trip across the usa

465. Take care of you

466. Send cute texts to each other while in the same room

467. Be able to roll in bed and kiss you

468. Webcam kisses

469. Give you your first real kiss

470. Swim in the great barrier reef

471. Lay with you in the snow

472. Play in the snow

473. Write our names on a lock at Pont de L’Archeveche

474. Watch Disney movies together

475. Take underwater photos

476. Fall asleep in your arms

477. Play sims 3 together

478. Visit the bean

479. Fall asleep as one

480. Cosplay as Cosmo and Wanda

481. Never be without you

482. Make homemade pizza together

483. Go to a petting zoo together

484. Go scuba diving

485. Go jetskiing together

486. Take cute photos on the beach

487. Watch the night sky together

488. Run away together

489. Be kissed from across the table

490. Go to a concert together

491. Kiss while being held in your arms

492. Play all the fatal frame games together

493. Build an igloo together

494. Spend the day at a park

495. Share an ice cream cone

496. Fall asleep on skype together

497. Have a game night together

498. Be safe and sound in bed with you

499. Skype dates

500. Blog together

501. Forget the world

502. Go to the same college together

503. Dance during the sunset

504. Dance under the moonlight

505. Fall asleep listening to your heart beat

506. Spend a beautiful morning in each other’s arms

507. Lay naked on top of you

508. Dress our babies up in cute animal costumes

509. Play in the rain

510. Cuddle up and watch a movie together

511. Have a scary movie marathon

512. Be able to count the says till we’re together

513. Fall asleep telling each other silly little secrets

514. Skype sleepovers

515. Have a doctor who themed wedding

516. Take cute photos while driving

517. Do all the things regular couples take for granted

518. Attend Comic Con together

519. Make love in a blanket fort

520. Sing along to the radio together

520. Wake you up with kisses every morning

521. Get you a teddy bear that’s bigger than you

522. Boop your nose

523. Send each other stuffed animals

524. Sleep in odd places together

525. Say “i do”

526. Go kayaking

527. Pass out together after a long day

528. Watch Tangled together

529. Always make you feel beautiful

530. Dye our hair the same crazy color

531. Play pc games with you

532. Play roller derby together

533. Go on a romantic trip

534. Cuddle under the stars

535. Watch the sky get brighter really early in the mornings together

536. Leave this distance far behind us

537. Hang out in our undies together after a long day

538. Take underwater wedding photos

539. Make out whenever and wherever we can

540. Spend a whole evening kissing

541. Play on a trampoline together

542. Go snorkeling together

543. Tackle you into bed

544. Never get a heartwrenching text from you again

545. “if you’ll be my star i’ll be your sky”

546. Hold you in my arms

547. Tandem Skydive

548. Get a pet mini horse together

549. Spend the night cuddling together

550. Kiss under a pier

551. Make you fall in love with me every day for the rest of our lives

552. Hug you all day

553. Win you a cute toy from a crane machine

554. Have an outdoor wedding

555. Ride our bikes to have an afternoon picnic in the woods

556. Tease you in public

557. Teach you how to rollerblade

558. Take a cute and silly family photo

559. Have a Saw movie marathon

560. Write a song together

561. Go on a perfect date

562. Play xbox live with our friends

563. Nap on the couch

564. Have enough money to visit each other

565. Share a last name

566. Fall asleep and wake up together for the rest of our lives

567. Make out on a couch

568. Run a blog together

569. Turn a trampoline into a ball pit

570. Finally start our lives together

571. Make out in the car

572. Play piano together

573. Wear false moustaches

574. Have a play fight turn into a make out session

575. Share a kiss on a park bench

576. Make love in a chair

577. Have it be us against the world

578. Watch the sun set over a lake

579. Memorize every curve of your body

580. Cuddle

581. Oovoo dates

582. Have you hold me when i’m sad

583. Kiss on a playground

584. Wear his clothes

585. Always sneak a kiss before we start the day

586. Find and kiss all your freckles

587. Make a photo album of us

588. Be silly together

589. Start a “wreck this journal” with you

590. Tackle hug you

591. Kiss you whenever possible

591. Still go on romantic dates when we’re older

593. Go shopping at the mall together

594. Go scuba diving in Australia

595. Sit in your lap

596. Receive hand written letters from you

597. Choose our wedding colors

598. Learn ballet with you

599. Send you a toy from my chidhood

600. Make love on a hiking trip

601. Laugh together

602. Go grocery shopping together

603. Leave you random notes to remind you how amazing you are to me

604. Never let you go

605. Snuggle in our library

606. Kiss inside of the Tardis

607. Cuddle in front of a fireplace

608. Snuggle under a blanket together

609. Go horseback riding together

610. Make love on a trampoline

611. Send each other teddy bears

612. Never see anyone naked except you

613. Make out against a wall

614. Get a puppy together

615. Kiss you just because I can

616. Go on a long walk with you

617. Lay together

618. Always take care of each other

619. Kissy faces

620. Build our dream house

621. Play with your hair

622. Wake up in your arms

623. Be childhood sweethearts

624. Snuggle

625. Never give up

626. Kiss your chest

627. Spend the night in a hotel

628. Make out all the time

629. Kiss in a hot tub

630. Never keep anything from you no matter how bad

631. Go hiking together

632. Have a disney themed bridal party

633. Kiss in a library

634. Spend the night with you

635. Go where no one we know will find us

636. Have matching flannel shirts

637. Give you red roses

638. Spooning

639. Make out just because we can

640. Never leave your side

641. Shave your face for you

642. Stay up all night reading together

643. Kiss on a chairlift

644. Sit at a little cafe drinking coffee

645. Visit where Lord of the Rings was filmed

646. Wait on line all night to get concert tickets

647. Fall asleep with my head on your chest

648. Be kissed on the cheek

649. Take care of him when he’s sick

650. Share a watermelon

651. Figure out all of your quirks

652. Be your new years kiss

653. Fill our entire room up with balloons

654. Wish together at a fountain

655. Have a one year anniversary

656. Learn to dance pas de deux

657. Have sex in a changing room

658. Bake Halloween cupcakes

659. See Shakespeare preformed at the Globe Theater

660. Share bubble gum

661. Spend the night at my place

662. Spend our lives together

663. Go to senior prom together

664. Have our friends and our families support us

665. Go to lamaze class together

666. Pick each other flower bouquets

667. Be with him when he sees snow for the first time

668. Make out before we make love on a table

669. Have our first dance as a married couple to our song

670. Have a wedding anniversary

671. Fall asleep on a train

672. Stay in on a saturday night and watch Doctor Who together

673. Make sure you know you’re never alone as long as you have me

674. Have a snow ball fight

675. Have our version of a perfect wedding

676. Bake Valentine’s day cupcakes

677. Have brunch in our underwear

678. Make you baged lunches for work

679. Watch cartoons from our childhoods

680. Carve pumpkins with you

681. Drink hot cocoa together

682. Talk about our future

683. Drive around eating ice cream

684. Be your high school sweetheart

685. Help you dress for a new job on your first day

686. Have fun when we’re older

687. Get caught in a snow storm

688. Be your lebenslangerschicksalsschatz

689. Dress our babies up in cute themed costumes

690. Visit and apple orchard together

691. Be on top of the world with you

692. Take you pumpkin picking

693. Fall asleep to each other’s heartbeats

694. Decorate our house for Halloween

695. Kiss in the falling leaves

696. Go for a walk along a river

697. Drink cinnamon hot chocolate

698. Go paintballing together

699. Tickle fights

700. Have sex in a pool

701. Have matching underwear

702. Play in the leaves together

703. Write a beautiful story together

704. Be a cute old couple

705. Have thanksgiving dinner at our home

706. Take cute photos with you in the autumn leaves

707. Graduate college together

708. Go ghosting

709. Carve pumpkins with our babies

710. Play videogames till we fall asleep

711. Play beer pong with you

712. Distract you while we do yard work

713. Carve pumpkins for Halloween

714. Make an autumn leaf scrapbook

715. Play DS games

716. Wait to pick you up at the airport

717. Go hiking in our undies

718. Make you heart shaped pancakes

719. Play in the fallen leaves with you

720. Have a five year wedding anniversary

721. Make out at the beach

722. Watch the colors of the leaves change together

723. Feel each other up

724. Play strip poker

725. Put our hands in the other’s pocket

726. Take wedding photos in the tunnel of love

727. Stay the night in an abandoned building(this is a bad typo and I’ll fix it ASAP)

728. Go to a halloween bash

729. Kiss until we fall asleep

730. Do mundane things

731. Spend a whole day in bed with you

732. Go tree camping

733. Get ready for bed with you

734. Sleep in a blanket fort with you

735. Feel your lips on mine

736. Dance under the stars

737. Teach our kids to play video games

738. Make a wish jar together

739. Go to beautiful places together

740. Visit bear mountain

741. Show you my favorite places

742. Go to a haunted house

743. Hang out together in hammocks

744. Make love after we shower together

745. Go for long walks under autumn leaves

746. Send each other lots of things in the mail

747. Spend rainy days inside together

748. Fly to you and never have to go back

749. Slow dance in our undies

750. Go swimming by a waterfall

751. Spend leap day together

752. Go to the homecoming dance with our friends

753. Watch cute movies in a fort together

754. Kiss in the tunnel of love

755. Walk home after a date together

756. Spend the night in a haunted house

757. Go for a romantic walk

758. Give you eskimo kisses

759. Come up with a list of baby names

760. Hold hands with you across a table

761. Be those crazy kids in love everyone is jealous of

762. Always be close to you

763. Hold him when he’s sad

764. Host a Halloween party

765. Be with you no matter what stands in our way

766. Carve our initials into a tree

767. Cuddle in the leaves

768. Wake up where you are

769. Go on a road trip

770. Have a family with you

771. Be together every day

772. Experice the beauty of your country

773. Spend the day making love

774. Have a baby girl

775. Lay in the fallen leaves

776. Always find a way to be together, no matter what

777. Wear matching outfits

778. Travel everywhere

779. Lay under the stars and talk about life

780. Wake up in the mornings and see you sleeping next to me

781. Never have to wish we’re together, because we will be together

782. Have eskimo kisses to warm our noses

783. Go camping under the beautiful night sky

784. Sleep in a blanket fort we made together

785. Rake the leaves together

786. Kiss you by a campfire

787. wear cute Halloween costumes

788. Walk around with you and look at Halloween decorations

789. Wear matching costumes

790. Cuddle until we fall asleep

791. Feel your hand in mine

792. Touch your bum

793. Have a paint war

794. Be held in your arms

795. Go for a night walk

796. Spend the day in bed together

797. See the same star sonstellations when we look at the sky at night

798. Do nothing with you

799. Be your homecoming date

800. Spend a rainy day together

801. Release beautiful wish lanters with you

802. Kiss you every morning

803. Be pregnant with your baby

804. Go for cool night walks through the neighborhood

805. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

806. Sing you to sleep

807. Watch old disney channel movies

808. Make out in our underwear

809. Have a baby

810. Cheer him on

811. Play “too hot” with you

812. Spend hours texting

813. Wear cozy sweaters

814. Get matching shirts

815. Lick your cute face

816. Fill an entire disposable camera with photos of us

817. Experience your country

818. Go for a walk with a lantern

819. Surprise you with coffee at work

820. Sing with you

821. Talk on the phone with you for hours

822. Kiss you when you need it the most

823. Watch our baby learn new things

824. Spend the day being lazy in bed

825. Carve something into a tree together

826. Kiss in a hammock

827. Spend the day with you cuddling and kissing on the couch

828. Show the world that we’re together

829. Spend the whole day just kissing you

830. Kiss in a fountain

831. Make out in the rain

832. Go on long walks when we’re older

833. Kiss you on a window sill

834. Dance in the first snow of the season

835. Watch the leaves fall with you

836. Lay in a blanket fort with you

837. Watch the walking dead together

838. Cuddle for an entire day

839. Go out to the movies

840. Have a cute engagement party

841. Own an apartment together

842. Have a random picnic

843. Make out in the back of a movie theatre

844. Make out on a sofa chair

845. Never spend another night apart from you

846. Go to a lake during winter

847. Kiss you goodnight

848. Hang out with you in a blanket fort

849. Be engaged to you

850. Go on a picnic

851. Have a beautiful daughter

852. Have a doctor who marathon

853. Fall asleep holding hands

854. Make pinky promises

855. Meet for the very first time

856. Kiss you good night every night

857. Hold my hand while getting tattooed

858. Be an amazing girlfriend to you

859. Support each other during rough days

860. Drive around town and look at christmas lights

861. See illuminationg waves

862. Keep all our pinky promises

863. Make a tent out of sheets

864. Fall asleep on your shoulder

865. Play tag on the beach

866. Join the mile high club

867. Play messy twister

868. Just pick up and leave to somewhere new

869. Hold you in bed

870. Take a romantic bath

871. Donate blood with you

872. Lift you up with my feet

873. Fly a plane together

874. Have you wrap your arms around me and hold me close

875. Travel with you not away from you

876. Play with your hands

877. Play hopscotch

878. Snuggle on an airplane

879. Be on top

880. Kiss under the misteltoe

881. Cuddle in bed and have sex all day

882. Spend our first christmas together

883. Dance to good music in our home

884. Grow old with you

885. Make love after an evening out

886. Tear each other’s clothes off

887. Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

888. Have thanksgiving dinner together

889. Have a baby boy

890. Wake up in the morning and see you next to me

891. Take our first photo as a family

892. Kiss me like this(gif)

893. Watch our baby make snow angels for the first time

894. Have a night of passionate sex with you

895. Go ice skating on a frozen river

896. Have a photo together

897. Get you the perfect gift

898. Decorate our house for the holidays

899. Take each others clothes off

900. Get snowed in for the holidays

901. Make sure our baby always has a mile

902. Slow dance in our apartment

903. Have my way with you

904. Walk through a winter wonderland

905. See the Thomas Kinkade christmas village display

906. Have a gingerbread house making contest over skype

907. Make cute gifs like this with you(gif)

908. Find each others sensual spots

909. Write our own wedding vows

910. i’ll be on my way to you soon baby

911. Make snow angels

912. Hang christmas stockings by the fire

913. Give our baby the best christmas ever

914. Chop down our own christmas tree

915. Be in your arms right now

916. Make awesome paper snowflakes with you

917. Wake up with your kisses

918. Go to a hot balloon festival

919. Promise myself to you for better or for worse

920. Wrap your gifts perfectly

921. Have chats about live after we make love

922. Go ice skating at rockefeller center

923. Fall into bed kissing each other

924. Learn sign language together

925. All i want for christmas is you

926. Kiss me hard

927. Make holiday cookies

928.Prove everyone who doubted us wrong

929. Roast chestnuts on an open fire

930. Watch once upon a time together

931. Spend the winter holidays snuggled up indoors kissing

932. Wake up next to you

933. Be with each other every single day

934. Be burried together

935. Kiss you when you’re embarrassed

936.Make love on the sofa

937. Lay on top of you

938. Say i love you to each other in person

939. Be your wife

940. Kiss while tangled up in lights together

941. Be eaten out by you

942. Visit new york city

943. Be with you all the time

944. Kiss you to inturupt your sentances

945. Fall asleep kissing and snuggling with you

946. Have our own happily ever after

947. Make out in the bath

948. Send you cute things in the mail

949. Feel your lips on my lips

950. Always stay by your side

951. Spend the day kissing

952. Hold each other close while we slow dance

953. Make out in the snow

954. Play mario kart with you

955. Go to ikea together

956. Take cute mirror photos

957. Watch every season of friends together

958. Make love in a tent

959. Eat an entire pizza together

960. Go for a walk through the woods

961. Listen to music with you

962. Sit in the bath with you

963. Give you hickeys all over your body

964. Love each other endlessly

965. Go holiday shopping together at a family

966. Look into your eyes with no computer screen, no medium between us

967. Be a family

968. Never let you go

969. Build a snowman with you

970. Make amazing memories with you

971. Have a pillow fight

972. Go to paris together

973. Cuddle and drink cocoa

974. Feel your hands on my body

975. Seduce you

976. Spend the winter holidays with you

977. Talk through oue fears and doubts

978. Kiss each other while we dance together

979. Snuggle in a boat

980. Move in with you

981. Skyping with you for hours

982. Have silly little moments together

983. Make love till we fall asleep

984. Wake up to your smile

985. Be where you are

986. Feel your mouth on my body

987. Make you proud to have me as your girl

986. Go for a romantic walk in the woods

989. Pack myself in your suitcase when you go

990. Have a winter wedding

991. Be naked together

992. Always kiss you before we part ways

993. Have our own fairytale wedding

994. Share a kiss

995. Make out till we fall asleep

996. Fall asleep in eachothers arms

997. Spend christmas in new york city

998. Walk home from school together

999. Spend new years eve and new years day together

1000. Have our wedding night start like this, and end like this (gif photoset)

1001. Walk through sparkles at the end of our wedding

1002. Lay rose petals on our bed to romance you

1003. Kiss in the falling snow

1004. Make love in the back seat of your car

1005. Kiss you from 11:59 to 12:01 on new years

1006. Make love to our favorite cd

1007. Have our own book club

1008. Spend new years eve in new york city

1009. Say “i love you” in person

1010. Unwrap gifts with you and your family on christmas morning

1011. Walk around with you and look at christmas decorations

1012. Have christmas with you as a family

1013. Leave cookies and milk out for santa

1014. Have a merry christmas

1015. Spend new years eve in london

1016. Spend new years eve in sydney, australia

1017. Kiss you at midnight on new years eve

1018. Be your last kiss in 2012 and your first in 2013

1019. Wear your sweater all the time until it stops smelling like you

1020. Beat you in a thumb war

1021. Make each other mix tapes

1022. Make your birthday wishes come true

1023. Come up with possible baby names for our future children

1024. Spend the summer with you by my side

1025. Go on an adventure with you

1026. Be the only one who kisses you this year and every year after

1027. Let’s kiss and make love in the shower(gif)

1028. Have a new years wedding

1029. Make new year’s resolutions together

1030. Have a wonderful year together with you

1031. Meet you for the first time this year

1032. Always be your best friend

1033. Kiss you

1034. Get to know each other’s minds inside and out

1035. Get caught on a kiss cam with you

1036. Wear your hoodie

1037. Build a tree house for us to hide in and bock out the world together

1038. Make a heart with our hands

1039. Take a bunch of photos when we’re together

1040. Grab your face and kiss you

1041. Take wedding photos together in a city

1042. Share clothes with you

1043. Take long naps with you

1044. Have a child involved somehow in our wedding

1045. Forhead kisses

1046. Lay in bed sharing secrets and being cute with you

1047. Fall asleep snuggled up next to each other

1048. Go to your prom

1049. read all the Charlaine Harris novels with you

1050. Give you a single rose to show you that i love you

1051. Wear your jumer around everywhere

1052. Cuddle naked together

1053. Do dirty things with you that wrinkle the bed sheets

1054. Kiss under an umbrella

1055. Hug you from behind

1056. Make love with you for a first time

1057. Share a life time with you

1058. Make love in a body water

1059. Do crazy new things together

1060. Travel the world with you when we’re older

1061. Snuggle with you

1062. Go out on a date for valentine’s day

1063. Make out in a movie theater with you

1064. Kiss you softly

1065. Say i love you while we kiss

1066. Have a thumb war

1067. Fall asleep with you

1068. Play pokemon with you

1069. Share a bed with you

1070. Have a slumber party with you

1071. Marry you

1072. Play with your hair untill you fall asleep

1073. Go sledding with you

1074. Run into your arms(gif)

1075. Kiss while in bed

1076. Kick your butt at carnival games

1077. Sneak kisses with you throughout the day

1078. Go mattress surfing down a flight of stairs

1079. Share passionate kisses with you

1080. Kissing over webcam

1081. Ride a chairlift together up a snowy mountain

1082. Have a foot popping kiss

1083. Connect with you on every level possible

1083. Fool around

1084. Dance with you

1085. Be hugged from behind

1086. Be naked in fron of you for the first time

1087. Always give you hope

1088. Get married

1089. Never let the distance stand in our way

1090. Move into a new house with you

1091. Make out by a fire place

1092. Fall asleep next to each other

1093. Elope together

1094. Take wedding photos by the ocean that once stood between us

1095. Visit the colosseum in rome with you

1096. Make love in front of a mirror

1097. Cut our wedding cake together

1098. Be naked in front of each other for the first time

1099. Go skiing together

1100. Sneak peaks of each other naked

1101. Be your valentine

1102. Go snowboarding together

1103. Spend a day in the grass

1104. Have our first dance

1105. Snuggle in bed till we fall asleep

1106. Get a dog and a cat

1107. Eat chinese food while we’re naked together

1108. Buy our first home together

1109. Grow flowers in our window boxes

1110. Make love in front of a projecting movie

1111. Have our first dinner together in our home

1112. Play fallout together

1113. Make out in a boat

1114. Dance on the beach

1115. Let’s go for long drives together(gif)

1116. Have upside down kisses

1117. Feel your skin against mine

1118. Share kisses in bed

1119. Go on a double date

1120. Read all the HP books together

1121. Making out

1122. Have fun together

1123. Live in a beautiful house

1124. Read in the bath with you

1125. Fall asleep facing each other

1126. Spend the day in bed

1127. Play around danving with you in our bedroom

1128. Have a baby

1129.Leave you a valentine’s day surprise to come home to

1130. Wear matching pajamas

1131. Introduce you to my friends via webcam

1132. Pillow fights

1133. Have triplets

1134. Play games together despite the distance

1135. Be the parents of a cute and happy baby

1136. Play with legos together

1137. Have a coffee date

1138. Take super cute pregnancy photos

1139. Have a pillow fight turn into making out

1140. Have a picnic in the park

1141. Take photo booth pictures

1142. Tearing each other’s clothes off the second we’re alone

1143. Give each other cute gifts for valentine’s day

1144. Be naked with you

1145. Go to the super bowl game with you

1146. Jump on the bed together

1147. Get the same cold as you from kissing you even though you were sick

1148. Let’s play on the beach together(gif)

1149. Go to the lego store with you

1150. Sleep together

1151. Share our first place together

1152. Be your little spoon

1153. Set up a romantic evening in bed

1154. Kiss everywhere we go

1155. Have such a crazy pillow fight the feathers fall out of the pillows we’re using

1156. Fall asleep in your bed

1157. Have a lego themed wedding

1158. See if i can lift you up onto my back

1159. Share a cone with you

1160. Knowing he will be a good father

1161. Make love together n a romantic bath

1162. Go for walks in the snow

1163. Buy a house together

1164. Have our wedding date be the same date as when we started going steady

1165. Hug you and never let go

1166. Go for a drive with you

1167. Compose a song for you

1168. Have a two year anniversary

1169. Be the best parents possible

1170. Make out in public places

1171. Get caught in a rain storm

1172. Get to kiss you everyday

1173. Eat fries together

1174. Have my first airplane ride to be with you

1175. Read poems to our baby once a day

1176. Go for a walk through a garden

1177. Make sure you always have someone to support you

1178. Spend valentine’s day with you

1179. Let you be the little spoon

1180. Keep you warm in winter

1181. Share kisses across a table

1182. Go for coffee

1183. Go for walks on the beach

1184. Hold hands while in bed

1185. Have babies with you

1186. Love you no matter what size you are

1187. Teach our baby how to read

1188. Come home to you

1189. Kiss in the snow

1190. Roll your fingers between my own

1191. Play around in the rain with me(gif)

1192. Wear matching holiday sweaters

1193. Make love in the aftermath after an intense pillow fight

1194. Finally have a picture wtih you

1195. Adopt puppies

1196. Make love in the shower

1197. Cuddle in our underwear

1198. Fall asleep in your arms on long car rides

1199. Take your clothes off with my mouth

1200. Make breakfast together

1201. Never have to come home to a bed without you in it

1202. Grab your face to give you a big kiss

1203. Share kisses the start soft and then turn passionate

1204. Watch futurama with you

1205. Stay in and watch movies

1206. Sleep on skype with you

1207. Get engaged at disney world

1208. Hold a duel citizenship for my country and yours

1209. Snuggle under a big cozy blanket

1210. Sleep with you

1211. Sit outside together in the winter wrapped in warm blankets

1212. Lay in be together all night

1213. Have a big family together

1214. Take photos with you

1215. Make love by the fire place

1216. Share breakfast in bed

1217. Sleep in a blanket fort

1218. Fall asleep next to you every day for the rest of our lives

1219. Lay with my head in your lap

1221. Sit around in our underwear

1221. Read all the Dr. Seuss books to our baby

1222. Pass out together

1223. Snuggle in a blanket together by the firs

1224. Fall asleep beside you

1225. Take a nap while cuddling on the couch with you/a>

1226. Share sweet and soft kisses

1227. Knowing that home is whenever i’m with you

1228. Kiss by the ocean

1229. Fall asleep naked in your embrace

1230. Have you waiting in bed for cuddles when i come home from a long day of work

1231. Wake up to your kisses

1232. Be able to watch you sleep

1233. Say good morning with a kiss

1234. Have three beautiful children

1235. Share my bed with you

1236. Be able to easily show up at your house whenever i want

1237. Never fall out of love with you

1238. Sleep in the same bed

1239. Own a pomsky

1240. Smile in the middle of kissing

1241. Fall asleep cuddling with you while watching movies

1242. Not have to know what it’s like to be missing you

1243. Spend the mornings wrapped in your arms

1244. Have tea in bed with you

1245. Fall asleep kissing

1246. Take photos of you at random

1247. Raise ducklings

1248. Stay in bed naked all together all day

1249. Have a lazy day in bed

1250. Wake up with you every day for the rest of our lives

1251. Send you love letters

1252. Have a baby with you

1253. Never become physically violent with each other

1254. Snuggle under a galaxy blanket

1255. Fill a book with my thoughts of you

1256. Take polaroids with you

1257. Become your wife

1258. Introduce each other to new television shows

1259. Stay in bed together all day

1260. Fall asleep in your arms and wake up next to you

1261. Finally start to count the days till we see each other

1262. Make love in the kitchen

1263. Always be on your mind

1264. Have movie night together

1265. Work in the same place

1266. Dance in the rain together

1267. Take wild west photos together

1268. Not give a shit about what anyone thinks of us

1269. Hold your hand

1270. Lay in bed with you all day

1271. Have a baby with you

1272. Be a wonderful girlfriend to you

1273. Follow you wherever you go

1274. Open a sweet shop together

1275. Sleep wrapped in your arms all night

1276. Have a weekend full of sex and snuggles

1277. Always be there for you when you’re upset

1278. Go for a walk

1279. Visit a vineyard with you

1280. Sleep in the same bed as you

1281. Write to you

1282. Share an ‘end of the date’ kiss

1283. Have a boy and a girl

1284. Unexpected kisses

1285. Be by your side

1286. Be dominated by you

1287. Kiss against a tree

1288. Color easter eggs together

1289. Have an easter egg hunt with you

1290. Fall asleep together next to a fire place

1291. Lay naked in bed together

1292. Have a cute baby

1293. Open a flower shop together

1294. Open an animal shelter

1295. Read together

1296. Have pokemon battles

1297. Get naked

1298. Go for a drive together

1299. Wrap my legs around you

1300. Take super cute wedding photos

1301. Close the distance

1302. Build a sand castle at the beach with you

1303. I wanna jump into bed with you(gif)

1304. Decorate our place with beautiful things

1305. Get a dog together

1306. For my bed, to be our bed

1307. Have weekly date nights

1308. Take a dance class together

1309. Host a dinner party together

1310. Have twins

1311. Cuddle naked

1312. Wake up with you

1313. Snuggle in a big comfy bed with you

1314. Be your one and only

1315. Wash a car together

1316. Kiss goodnight

1317. Finally touch you

1318. Make out on a car

1319. Have our first embrace

1320. Have movie marathons

1321. Have our own adventure book

1322. Have a disney movie marathon

1323. Bear hugs

1324. Kiss each other for the first time

1325. Go on a carousel with you

1326. Do something really amazing with you

1327. Never sleep alone

1328. Have a son

1329. Have matching undies

1330. Have our first kiss as a married couple

1331. See a ballet with you

1332. Wake up to you

1333. Take caturday pictures

1334. Sit by the ocean with you

1335. Be silly with you

1336. Make you a romantic dinner

1337. Make a scrapbook of the letters we’ve sent each other

1338. Feel your arms around me

1339. Never have to miss you

1340. Be snuggled up with you in bed

1341. Have a beautiful ceremony

1342. Have a Harry Potter marathon

1343. Just hang out together

1344. Play board games together

1345. Rub yout back

1346. Lay face to face with you

1347. Fall asleep with you while you play video games

1348. Start a photo album with you

1349. Have a dinner at a fancy resturaunt

1350. Lay in your arms all day

1351. Sleep beside you

1352. Let’s be playful

1353. Barbecue together

1354. Kiss you on your nose

1355. Wrestle in a bed with you

1356. Go apartment hunting

1357. See a play together

1358. Have a beautiful baby

1359. Go to a carnival together

1360. Open an ice cream shop with you

1361. Make a photo album of our wedding day

1362. Not rely on technology

1363. Meet you at the airport

1364. Make and eat fresh and healthy meals together

1365. Live somewhere beautiful

1366. Run into your arms

1367. Share a bed together

1368. Have wine together by a romantic fire

1369. Kiss every single day

1370. Pay the bills together

1371. Make cute videos together

1372. Greet you at the airport with a kiss

1373. Play video games

1374. Fall asleep for a nap in the middle of the day

1375. Stay up late with you

1376. Have our first date

1377. Kiss somewhere unexpected

1378. Not have to worry about passports or visas or plane tickets

1379. Go on a road trip

1380. Meet each other in person

1381. Wait to greet you at the airport for the first time

1382. Go to the beech with you

1383. Participate in the color run

1384. Be your plus one to a formal party

1385. Pick a random cd out at the store and listen to the whole thing with you

1386. Bake together

1387. Go jogging with you to get into shape

1388. Lay together with our feet hanging off the bed

1389. Cook with you

1390. Kiss you while sitting on your shoulders

1391. Sit by the water for an afternoon

1392. Hold hands and walk barefoot along the beach

1393. Make cool colored cupcakes with you

1394. Go hiking through the woods together

1395. Be reunited with you

1396. Finger paint with you

1397. Finally be together

1398. Walk along train tracks

1399. look at art work together

1400. Go on a road trip adventure with you

1401. Watch scary movies with out children

1402. Attend someone else’s wedding as your date

1403. Have babies

1404. Become a resident of Australia

1405. See and hear an amazing orchestra perform live

1406. Make and eat a ton of cookies dough together

1407. Hold your hand in mine

1408. Cuddle with you while playing video games

1409. Kiss at a party

1410. Take lots and lots of pictures with you

1411. Make out in a pool

1412. Go flower picking with you

1413. Stay up all night with you

1414. Run and jump into your arms

1415. Give you a massage

1416. Sit out on the porch and read together

1417. i miss you texts

1418. Paint a room together

1419. Be thrown into the water by you

1420. Make dinner together

1421. Play playstation 3 games

1422. Not have to worry about place tickets

1423. Kiss you every chance i get

1424. Cuddle with you

1425. Kiss you all over your face

1426. Never have to say goodbye

1427. Sleep outside

1428. Bake brownies with you

1429. Plane and give you a scavenger hunt to go on

1430. Skype with you every night

1431. Wear your shirt

1432. Take our wedding photos on a carousel

1433. Listen to music together

1434. Swim in an indoor pool

1435. For us both to smile in the middle of a kiss

1436. Make open when letters

1437. Play chess together

1438. Go cliff jumping

1439. Lay in bed nude while talking and being silly together

1440. Have both our families attend our wedding

1441. Listen to classical music together

1442. Take a cute picture in front of a bridge

1443. Wake you up with a kiss on your neck

1444. Always talk out our issues

1445. Dance under a gazebo

1446. Play charades

1447. Not have to worry about plance rides and layovers when coming to see you

1448. Teach our children to make cookies

1449. Lay in the grass and look at the sky through the tree tops

1450. Grow flowers together

1451. Walk through times square together

1452. Spend the day at the beach with you

1453. Lay in the grass together

1454. Spend the night making out

1455. Get through this school year together

1457. Rent a hotel room together

1458. Take photos of you when you aren’t paying attention

1459. Take long walks together

1460. Write letters to each other

1461. Kiss while skydiving

1462. Make love in the ocean

1463. Sit with you and talk for hours

1464. Be in your arms

1465. Roast marshmallows with you

1466. Skyping for hours

1467. Have a baby together

1468. Help each other get into shape

1469. Still sneak kisses through the day when we’re tolder

1470. Make out on the beach

1471. fall asleep while cuddling

1472. Take walks in the snow

1473. Invite the people who doubted us to our wedding

1474. Play in a bouncy castle

1475. Have professional photos of us taken

1476. Have sex in the shower with you

1477. Have a world map shower curtain in our bathroom

1478. Have a family together

1479. Spend a night alone with you

1480. Get a hotel with you for the weekend

1481. Make each other smile

1482. Make dinner with you

1483. Download a countdown app

1484. Stay up late video chatting with you

1485. Never let distance stand in our way

1486. Go on a scavenger hunt with you

1487. Knowing that all we need is each other

1488. Never ever let you go

1489. Be reunited at the airport

1490. Fool around in the shower

1491. Be in your arms for the first time

1492. Reblog if you’re in a long distance relationship

1493. Spend the holidays together

1494. Have a scary movie night

1495. Finally be with you

1496. Go trick-or-treating

1497. Dress up with you for halloween

1498. Bathe with you

1499. Go to times square

1500. Get married to you

1501. Play around at a hotel

1502. Fly to go see you

1503. Spend the mornings in bed

1504. Travel the world with you

1505. Live in australia with you

1506. Snuggle and kiss all day

1507. Send out cute personalized holiday cards with you

1508. Make thanksgiving crafts together

1509. Spend the winter mornings in bed

1510. Decorate the christmas tree

1511. Fall asleep rubbing your back

1512. Pick out our first christmas tree

1513. Sleeping together

1514. Spend the day in our pajamas

1515. Wash your hair for you

1516. Decorate for the holidays

1517. Spend the holiday kissing you whenever i can

1518. fall asleep together on a long car ride

1519. Just sleep with you

1520. Watch the snow fall with you

1521. silly mistletoe kisses

1522. Take naps together

1523. Have a christmas movie marathon

1524. Shower with you

1525. Play with you in the snow

1526. Have your babies

1527. Watch christmas movies with you

1528. Have a beautiful baby girl

1529. Fly to visit you

1530. Build a snowman together

1531. Fall asleep in your arms

1532. Kiss underneath the mistletoe

1533. Take a drive through the snow

1534. Be the big spoon

1535. Spend christmas with you

1536. Snowball fights

1537. Play in the snow with you

1538. Make a blanket fort

1539. Go on a date to the zoo

1540. Go out for dinner

1541. Snuggle in bed with you

1542. Make cotton candy together

1543. Send you a valentines day care package

1544. Lay naked in bed with you

1545. Go on day trips together

1546. Fall asleep next to you

1547. Watch movies in a blanket fort

1548. Send each other cool themed care packages

1549. Play in a snow storm together

1550. Listen to our favorite music

1551. Spend valentine’s day together

1552. Make waffles together

1553. Intimate moments

1554. Go for long walks together

1555. Stay up all night cuddling

1556. Play with legos together

1557. Dance together

1558. Never tell eachother goodbye, only goodnight

1559. Play video games together

1560. Watch the stars with you

1561. Walk dogs together

1563. Try to kiss underwater

1564. Have a video call last for more then 24 hours

1565. Have fun just hanging out with you

1566. Build a snowman together

1567. Kiss you in the rain

1568. Falling asleep in your arms

1569. Go swimming together

1570. Take a picture together

1571. Play in the rain with you

1572. Get my passport

1573. Have a sushi date

1574. Make cookies together

1575. Have random dance parties in the street

1576. Turn our tickets into pillows

1577. Pick out songs for our wedding

1578. Kiss in bed

1579. Track down a churro cart at a carnival

1580. Kiss during a sunset

1581. Never have to part from one another for more than a couple of hours

1582. Plan a vacation together

1583. Play super nintendo with you

1584. Never have to deal with a bad internet connection

1585. Share a kiss with you

1586. Buy my first ticket to see you

1587. Sit on your shoulders

1588. Go out to dinner with you

1589. Make out to our facorite music

1590. Have our last count down

1591. Take walks with you

1592. Be your prom date

1593. Kiss under a waterfall

1594. Celebrate star wars day

1595. Stay up all night talking

1596. Take a bath with you

1597. Travel the world

1598. Take nature walks together